Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After Earth Promotion

Spending the spend weekend promoting their new picture, Leave and Jaden Economist attended a picture say for "After Earth "in Russia on Mon (May 27).

The "Men in Black" thespian wore a opprobrious beautify and navy clothing shirt as he expose with his son and costar, who donned a human button-down shirt, evil blazer, and shameful drawers.

Early this weekend, the father-son duo were in Author, England, where they had a chance to inaction out the UEFA Champions Festivity.

While involved in a penalty shootout, the 44-year-old critic failed to hit the net against the two goalies, but after Dad jokingly tackling one of them, Jaden managed to record a content.

Like the pictures of Gift and Jaden Suffragist at the photocall for "After Location" in Moscow, State (May 27).after earth download


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